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Why invest in the Brazilian Travel Market?

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth in the world. With a privileged location, it shares a border with all countries in the region, except Chile and Ecuador.

Brazil is the main gateway of South America, even more important after the Summer Olympic Games (2016) and FIFA World Cup (2014). Besides, the political and economic crisis, Brazil preservers a diversified economy, still strong. It is a great exporter of meat, soya, coffee, sugar, cars and airplanes.

In 2017 the country has started to show good signs of recovery. Unemployment rate is getting down and numbers started to be positive again. “It doesn't feel like the recession is over in the streets of Brazil, but you find a lot of optimism in board rooms and within the ranks for government," says Brian Winter, vice president at the Council of the Americas.

If we compare the total amount spent by Brazilians in international trips in January 2017 with the total spent in January 2016, we will see this recovery: Brazilians spent in international trips 88% more this year, reaching the total of US$ 1,6 Bi. Besides the optimism, the dollar exchange rate is now stable, helping travelers define their next vacation and appears to be more stable for planning purposes.

United States is the favorite destination chosen by Brazilians, however, if we look at Generation Z (survey from Research Designed for Strategy - REDS) numbers are showing that the United States is not the most desired destination for this generation, as it has for the previous ones. Between them, England has taken USA place. Looking at general profiles and numbers, Argentina still is on the second place, followed by France. When we talk about Class A, Europeans cities are the favorites choices, according to Virtuoso Travel Association.

What is clear is that some travelers are redefining their trip, seeking for new ways to save some money, but they are still traveling a lot. Brazil has a significant percentage of international travelers: two of five Brazilians will travel internationally during the next two years (Insight Brazilian Traveler - Yahoo).

Exotic destinations are garnering the attention of the luxury and mainstream traveler. They keep traveling following a worldwide trend of searching for real experiences, living something unique, being in contact with nature, local communities, staying at properties that respect each environment.


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